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About The Game

Game Controls

As your standard side scrolling game, controls are pretty basic, only involving your directional arrows, and the cursor and your ability to click the mouse. Also, movement controls are interch

angeable between the arrow keys and the WASD letters. Up arrow/"W" letter: Allows you to jump up into the air. Depending on how long you hold it, you will jump higher or lower. Also, you can jump to an angle by pressing the Up arrow/"W" letter in combination with your Right or Left arrows/ "A" or "D" letters.

Left arrow/"A" letter: Makes your character move towards the left of the screen.

Right arrow/"D" letter: Makes your character move towards the right of the screen.

Down arrow/"S" letter: When held, allows your ninja character to go into stealth mode.

Cursor: By moving your cursor to different parts of the screen, you can increase your visual perspective to an extent.

Right-click: Shoots out throwing stars when you right click at a fast speed. Shoots out a grapple hook and rope when you hold the right click button and your cursor is over a solid building or object. By using the rope ejection in combination with your Up arrow/"W" letter, you can pull yourself up to the top of the rope and re-shoot your rope to a new location, or otherwise jump up onto a platform.

Tips and Tricks

The first couple levels take it easy on you, and mostly just exist to get you familiar with the basic controls and functions of the game. Once you begin to encounter security systems, make sure that you don't just go barreling into every new area. Speed is not so much of a priority as is success, so take your time to scout out where you are headed before you jump right into a gang of enemies. Use your stealth mode wisely, especially when snipers begin to show up in the game.

Also, remember that timing is everything when you are wall jumping with the grappling feature. In order to slow yourself from falling fast, press your arrow keys to move Takeshi close to a wall or side of a building so that he can slow his fall and give you more time to re-shoot the grappling hook.

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